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March 21st, 2018 1:15:51 AM

Digital HiNote Ultra 2000 GTX5266M (Home Print/File Server)


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Update 2006
Install Linux

Sound Configuration
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Sorry to say but this computer had finally went to the big land of dead computers. It was a fun and really nice system while it lasted. The system was a real tank, and fell off of my small desk many time and still worked. I finally just felt that it was taking up room and replaced it with another computer, this time a desktop. Even when I sent it to the recycle day it was still a computer that could power on, if you played arround with it a litte bit. Thinest computer I ever had and some times I wish Compaq wouldn't have bought digital. They killed the design, but life goes on. If you still need assistance with your HiNote I will feel free to try to field the questions. Click on Contact Us for a response to any questions.

This computer ran what I call a real world test.  I ran it as a File and Print server.  All of my data and printing came out of the use of this computer.  I was testing it against Microsoft Windows 98SE, and Microsoft Windows 2000 Server.  Alas the little Linux computer out lasted all of them.  My Linux computer lasted 365days with out having to reboot, lose data, or lose connection with the server in any way.  This beats the 99.999% Microsoft is advertising.  I did many thing to this computer also while it was being a file and print server.  I made sure that power was always supplied to this computer and to desktop Windows servers.  I ran them on an APC 500, even the laptop.

Install Linux
There are two ways to install Linux on this laptop.  Floppy install or boot from the CD-ROM.  Someone on the internet got the floppy install to work but I could not.  With this system I made it a pure Linux system, no windows at all.  I created a 32mb /boot, a 98mb swap partition, and the rest of the 4GB hard drive I made /.  during the install of the os you have to pick the generic laptop monitor and use the CHIPS video driver.  There are some lilo changes that needed to be made after the install was complete.  I had to tell lilo that I had more than 64MB of RAM.  Check the MAN files on lilo.conf for how to change this if you have more than 64MB in you computer.

Sound Configuration
The sound didn't work after the install was over.  I had to use sound configuration and select the sound blaster with the basic options.  Then I could play music CDs.  I also then had to configure KDE to play sound in X Windows.  This made me happy because I could then listen to music as I worked in WordPerfect for Linux and I got a lot of work done.

One thing that I like on this computer is that Corel WordPerfect works faster than Star Office 5.2.  This helped a lot when it came to running the computer on battery power.  I would get less done when I had to use Star Office compared to WordPerfect.



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