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March 21st, 2018 1:15:33 AM

Dell Inspiron 7500 P3-600 NB Cu/G MMC2 (Geyserville) Home Computer

Dell Inspiron 7500 P3-750 Cu/G MMC2 (Geyserville) Work Computer


Table of Contents

Install Linux
Sound Configuration
X Windows Configuration
Xircom Modem/Network Card
Links to Other Resources

Installing Linux on the work computer was a piece of cake.  Even X Windows was easy with the video driver Dell supplies from their web site.  I liked this computer because of the floppy and CD-ROM in the computer at the same time.  I had the work computer ordered with a ZIP drive and a CD-RW.  The screen is the 15.4 SVGA+  The resolution with the Dell provided driver comes out to be a good 1280X1024.  I must say that since RedHat certified this computer as RedHat compatible, RedHat runs like a champ on it.

Installing RedHat 6.2 on a Inspiron 7500.  I used the boot from CD option.  I also had to use Partition Commander to make a partition for my Linux Installation with out destroying my Windows 98 Installation (a long story).  I needed Windows 98 for where I work aka an Accounting firm where all the software I have to support is Windows based.  I made a 2GB Win9x Partition, a 4GB Linux Area for /Boot and /, I also had some room left over of a 70mb Dos partition and a 2 GB Win NT/2000 Partition.  It took some work.  You have to install the /boot on a partition below the 1024 sector of the drive to the Linux kernel will not boot Linux.  I had everything attached to the computer that I was going to use in Linux.  I had the ZIP Drive installed, the Xircom Modem/10-100Nic Real Port card installed.

Sound Configuration was not hard at all either.  The sound driver supplied works with both computers.  I did play a little with the sounds in X Windows but nothing really needed to be done for it to start working.

After the installation was done I connected the computer to my network at home and downloaded drivers from dell.  If you want here is the support link.  http://support.dell.com Follow the information for your service tag and select software downloads.  I have the 15.4 SVGA+ screens on both of my 7500's.  The Linux driver works great on my system.  It had all colors a think 16 or 32 bit according to (Windows) for Linux.  It also came out to be a full 1280X1024 also.

Network Card was easy Linux 6.2 found it and I never needed to change anything.  I did have to tell it to use DHCP, but that was it.  Even the modem worked with out any problems connecting to my ISP.  I had to add DNS numbers for the internet to work through my Modem.  Xircom was working on beta drivers for the Real Port cards when I installed 6.2 but I think 6.2 already had them included.  Maybe 7, 7.1, and 7.2 will have better drivers for the Real Port.


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